10'x10' Toons - No Comic This Week, But Here’s An Update

This week has been full of challenges ranging from the minor (head & chest cold that has increased the challenge of EVERY project) to the frustrating (updating OS on 4 devices simultaneously) to the maddening (dealing with the fact that my scanner no longer worked after that OS update).

Suffice it to say, I only just finished this weeks comic earlier today. But I’ve madeĀ an executive decision to bump the comic so that I can get ahead on next week and relieve the current pressure that’s built up in my schedule.

So, yes … there will be no comic this week. But next week’s is already done, so it will DEFINITELY go live on Wednesday. And by sticking with my original production schedule, I may be able to STAY one week ahead … at least for the first few weeks of October.

I just didn’t want everyone to have to WONDER what happened this week. Now you know.

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