10'x10' Toons - Gen Con Plans

Holy cats! Gen Con kicks off tomorrow! By the time you read this I will (hopefully) be done setting up my little table in Authors Avenue . . . or maybe I’ll still be working on it. It’s hard to say. In any case, come tomorrow, I’ll be AT that table and ready to smile, shake your hand, and try to convince you to spend some of your hard-earned cash on my merch.

Seriously, though, stop on by. I’m basically running the table myself, and I’ll be in need of friendly faces to brighten my day.

You can find me at AUTHORS AVENUE — Table S (this is basically at the very far end of the 1100 aisle in the Exhibitor Hall).

I’ll have copies of the brand new Attack of the LOLth Cats—A 10’x10′ Toon Calendar for 2014 for sale, along with The Littlest Shoggoth (book and lapel pin), my two fantasy coloring books (What Color Is Your Dragon? and Paint Your Face With Runes), a selection of the novels and short story anthologies I’ve gotten my words into, two short children’s books I self-published, and a handful of art prints. Lots to see and marvel over.

I will be taking a little bit of time away from hawking my wares to speak at a handful of seminars. If you simply want to anonymously enjoy my proclamations and worldly advice, you can join the crowds at these events (check the registration book for locations).

THU. @Noon — Launching a $100 PDF Publishing Empire
THU. @3:00 — Freelancing for Super Genius Games

FRI. @6:00 — The ENnie Awards (where I’ll be performing “Sweet Transvestite” as part of the pre-show “entertainment” … NOT in make-up or fishnets)

SAT. @Noon — Kickstarters: Preparation & Communication
SAT. @3:00 — Time Management for Creatives

SUN. @11:00 — Running a Successful RPG Kickstarer
SUN. @Noon — Beginner Boxes, Quickplays, and Rules-Lite RPGs

If you’re here in Indy, I hope to see you along the line SOMEWHERE this weekend. If not . . . well  . . . we miss you and wish you were here . . . but we don’t have time to slow down, there’s too much to do! Next year, c’mon out to Gen Con!!!

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