10'x10' Toons - ‘Tis The Season
This seems like a good time to remind people that if you want to wrap your gaming-related gifts in style, you can pick up some holiday-themed Wrapping Paper by Stan! from the good folks over at GamingPaper.com. And, in case that wasn’t enough for you, they ALSO have holiday-themed Dork Tower wrapping paper, too!
I’m really kinda jazzed about the idea that my little cartoons might be part of somebody’s holiday celebration. It gives me a warm “ho ho ho” feeling in the depths of my grinchy heart. So if you get a gift wrapped in my paper and you think it’s cool … drop a line and tell me about it.

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  1. Steve C.

    Picked up the last roll at the store yesterday so I can wrap Scott’s presents in them. Hopefully the Dork Tower paper arrives this week if we can get a single roll. Alliance only lists it by the case.

  2. Stan!

    Yeah. I don’t know why they decided to sell the Dork Tower paper only by the case … I understand that it was something that Alliance REQUESTED, though. In the end, I think it might have helped sales of MY paper (which was available from Alliance by the roll).

    Anyway, I hope that it serves you well, sir!

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