10'x10' Toons - AfterCon Artshow at Comic Con

There are literally hundreds of interesting events that go on in downtown San Diego in conjunction with Comic Con, but one that I have a small part to play in is Aftercon, a gallery exhibit and silent auction to raise funds for the Shel Dorf Artist Fund.

I’m one of dozens of artists who has donated a piece to support the fund and, if I understand things correctly, my contribution will be part of the gallery show, open 8-midnight each night of the convention (July 22-24) at Suture Gallery.

This would represent my first ever gallery exhibition (something I’m not sure will happen again), so I’m definitely going to go check it out at least one night during the con. I’ll post pictures of the festivities.

If you’re attending Comic Con, or are just going to be in the San Diego area one night this week, I suggest you come check out the exhibit and support this very worthy cause.

In case you’re interested, the piece I donated was the original black-and-white art used to create the illustration found on p. 73 of the D&D Player’s Strategy Guide (the coloring was all done digitally).

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