10'x10' Toons - Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Toons

Paizo Con was terrific! I was mostly there to help plug  The Adventurer’s Handbook, the new Pathfinder-compatible print product from Super Genius Games … but I also found plenty of time to promote 10x10Toon.com. Part of what helped that was having a booth next to Kobold Quarterly, which is where this comic got its start.

Now I’m back in the studio and trying to stay on schedule, something that’s always a challenge during the summer. Between the normal flow of work, different people taking different weeks off for vacation, and a relentless series of conventions, there just never seems to be enough time to get everything done AND get out to enjoy the warm weather.

Right now, besides trying to get ahead a strip or two for this site, I’ve been working on a VERY exciting project with a Christmas holiday theme. I hope I’ll be able to announce details of that soon. I’ve also been doing my usual collection of writing and game design work to make sure I can pay the bills AND have a little extra dough to spend at the cons.

I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con, though not in a booth … just walking around, saying hi to friends and colleagues, and generally indulging my inner fanboy. If you’re going to be there, too, and you’d like to meet up … drop me a note here or in email.

I’m also going to be at Gen Con … but there I am scheduled to be an Industry Insider Guest of Honor. That means a series of seminars and other events. On top of that, I’ll be pitching in at the Studio 2 Publishing booth … where Super Genius Games will be headquartered for the show. Again, drop me a note if you’re going to be at Gen Con and want to meet up. I figure that’s more my crowd … so if interest seems high, I’ll try to organize some kind of actual EVENT (like the “soda pop social” I had a few years back).

That’s the shape of things here at Stannex Central. I’ll post more details about my convention events in the week leading up to each show. In the meanwhile, I hope you’re all enjoying the summer … but that you still find some time to pop ’round here once a week to see the new toon!

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