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10’x10′ Toon

10’x10′ Toon first appeared in 2007 as part of the initial issue of Kobold Quarterly, and can be found in every issue right through the magazine’s untimely end with issue #23 in October 2012.

In early 2010, Stan! found he was enjoying the comic so much, and generating more  gags than a quarterly magazine could handle, that he launched 10’x10′ Toon as a webcomic.

Why 10’x10′?

The comic has hardly been around enough to garner a list of frequently asked questions, but there is one that has cropped up fairly often, that being: What does the name mean?

It’s meant to be a bit of a pun on that most ubiquitous of adventuring locations … the “10’x10′ room” found in so many of the early D&D modules. Not much of a pun, we’ll grant you, but there you have it. Mostly we just hope it’s catchy and easy to remember.


Stan! is the award-winning author of 2 novels, 15 short stories, more than 60 gaming products, and innumerable cartoons and comics. In his time, he has been an Associate Art Director for West End Games, an Editor and Game Designer for TSR, Inc., a Senior Designer and Creative Director for Wizards of the Coast, and a Creative Content Manager for Upper Deck Entertainment. Stan! is a founding member of  The Game Mechanics, Inc., Super Genius Games, and Rogue Genius Games, LLC. He also has done freelance writing and design for companies ranging from Green Ronin and Malhavoc Press to Viz Media and Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Stan! lives in Kent, WA, where he hopes one day to be the owner of a Sony Aibo robot dog. You can find him several places online including  LittlestShoggoth.com, StoryTimeWithStan.comRogueGeniusGames.com, and Stannex.com … which remains the Home of All Things Stan!. You can also follow Stan! on Facebook and Twitter and email him at stan at stannex dot com.